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How can you help our dogs?


Volunteering is a helpful and REWARDING experience! Helping out at an animal rescue can take on many forms and each is as important and benifitial as the others. Even if you can not physically do something or don't have the time to commit to bigger tasks there will always be something you can assist with that fits your time and abilities. These are just a few examples:

  • Events - volunteers are always needed to introduce, promote, and talk about our rescue dogs along with walking, watering, and socializing them.

  • Dog Walking/Kennel Help - Some of our rescue dogs are in boarding with our amazing partners but kennel help is ALWAYS NEEDED. Kennel help can include care/cleaning, socialization on site and dog walking among others. 


  • Fundraising - Our rescue is an entirely volunteer run entity that is funded solely on public donations and our hard work. We are always in need of fundraising help from small individual drive to aquiring new corprate sponsors willing to donate funds or products for the animals. 


Foster or foster --> adopt:

Fostering  is a great way to save lives! Our rescue dogs are in need of a temporary home until they find their forever home! Foster families provide structure, love and home "skills". The rescue provides food, toys and vet needs while the dog is looking for it's forever couch!

Fostering SAVES TWO LIVES! The one we can pull and the one who takes his space at the shelter.

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